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Faculty and Staff                                  
Position Email Address            
 Wendy Mahan  Principal
 James Henderson  Assistant Principal
 Laci Rasberry  Assistant Principal
 Michelle Bethell  Counselor
 Debbie Shuffield  PEIMS Clerk
 Kathy Winkler  Secretary
 Jackie Ruelas  Nurse
 Sarah Noker  Librarian
 Ashanti Bolden  3rd grade
 Abby Dorcene  3rd grade
 Erin Evans  3rd grade
 Travette Jarma  3rd grade
 Codi Lowery  3rd grade
 Angie Vega  3rd grade
 Shelly Akin  4th grade
 Brigid Barton  4th grade
 Jessica King  4th grade
 Terica Fraction  4th grade
 Melissa Vaculin  4th grade
 Lisa Garney  4th grade
 Rocio Van-Wettering  4th grade
 Andrea Anderle   5th grade
 Jana Beckhusen   5th grade
 Elba Garcia  5th grade
 Lori Eldridge  5th grade
 Dana Jones  5th grade
 Edward McCormick  5th grade
 Karen Skala  5th grade
 Arcelia Vargas  5th grade
 Connie Thompson  Instructional Coach
 Alexandra King  Music
 Angela McAnulty  Dyslexia
 Mandi Walzel  Dyslexia
 Andrea Ellison  Special Education
 Kristi Penny  Special Education
 Kerri Hillman  Reading Intervention
 Keri Harris  Advanced Academics
 Jayce Rasberry  Math Intervention
 Dale Keen  PE Coach
 William Fleming Behavior Coordinator
 Ashley Aguirre  Paraprofessional
 Julie Muniz  Paraprofessional
 Marcy Kenney  Paraprofessional
 Megan Lawrence  Paraprofessional
 Diane Leftwich  Computer Lab
 Amy Frausto  Paraprofessional
 Adriana Reyes  Paraprofessional
 Sandra Vaculin  Paraprofessional
 Kathryn Vega  Paraprofessional
 Tricia Harwell  BMSS/Speech Therapist
 Elizabeth Lee  BMSS


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