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       District Winners!

3rd Grade- 
Bailey Anderle, 5th Ready Writing, 4th Story Telling
Carlie Eason, 6th Story Telling
Madily Orocio, 1st Music Memory

Jadyn Parker, 2nd Music Memory
Imani Salazar, 4th Music Memory
Brianna Mendoza, 6th Music Memory
Ethan Jacoby, 5th Chess Puzzles
Jett Vaculin, 4th Spelling

1st  Place Music Memory Team

3rd Place Chess Puzzles,

4th Grade
Kelton Driska, 1st Ready Writing, 2nd Chess Puzzles
Haven Berry, 5th Ready Writing, 1st Oral Reading
Kenley Harris, 2nd Oral Reading
Allie Henson, 6th Oral Reading, 4th Music Memory
Dylan Stowe, 1st Music Memory, 1st Art
Madison Toups, 2nd Music Memory
Merci Kistler, 3rd Music Memory
Adison Dach, 6th Music Memory
Brason Brock, 5th Spelling, 5th Number Sense
Emir Tapia, 6th Spelling
Logan Akin, 6th Number Sense
Aubrey Brashear, 2nd (tie) Art
Mason Kuzel 2nd (tie) Art
Saydi Wimmer, 5th Art

1st Place Music Memory Team

2nd Place Chess Puzzles Team 

3rd Place Spelling Team 

1st Place Art Team 

3rd Place Number Sense Team

5th Grade
Jayla Lenued, 4th Ready Writing
Mackenzie Mahan, 1st Oral Reading
Tessa Vaculin, 2nd Oral Reading, 6th Listening
Kenan Mingus, 4th Oral Reading
Alejandra River, 1st Music Memory
Addison Boyett, 3rd Music Memory
Eduardo Cardona, 3rd Chess Puzzles, 5th Number Sense
Bruce Jacoby, 4th Chess Puzzles
Emily Morgan, 1st Spelling
Ariana Salazar, 2nd Spelling
Jacqueline McKinney, 2nd Art
Addison Boyett 5th (tie) Art
Emily Rodriguez 5th (tie) Art, 2nd Dictionary Skills
Zachary Frausto, 1st Dictionary Skills
Landon Bishop, 5th Maps Charts and Graphs
Amani Fields, 6th Social Studies

1st Place Music Memory Team

2nd Place Chess Puzzle Team

1st Place Spelling Team

2nd Place Art Team

3rd Place Number Sense Team

1st Place Dictionary Skills Team

3rd Place Listening Skills Team

3rd Place Maps Charts and Graphs Team

3rd Place Social Studies Team



Wendy Mahan, Principal
Laci Rasberry, Assistant Principal
James Henderson, Assistant Principal
404 E. 22nd
Cameron, Texas 76520 


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