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Mission Statement. . .
The mission of the Cameron ISD Scholarship Foundation is to ensure that every Cameron ISD student has the opportunity for post-secondary education.

The Foundation will achieve its mission by:
  • empowering all students to work to their highest potential
  • building community zeal for the Cameron ISD Educational Foundation
  • inspiring parents and community to collaborate with the school district in enriching education
  • expanding community involvement from individuals, businesses, and civic organizations
The Cameron ISD Scholarship Criteria
Each student will complete a written application and attach a grade transcript and other appropriate documents and letters of recommendation as requested by the board. In addition, interviews may be conducted by Board members (or their designees) to further assess candidates.

Priority will be given to students who have demonstrated a willingness to work:
  • Co-op program participation with good report from sponsor
  • Summer or after school jobs with good report from employer
  • Work on family farm or in other family business (or job such as yard work, etc.) with letter from parents (or others) attesting to their performance
  • Volunteer work at school or other institution with performance letter from person to whom responsible
  • Other demonstrated willingness to work

Note: The Cameron ISD Scholarship Board will actively work with the school, co-op program, and with employers in the community to develop work opportunities for junior and senior students so they will have the opportunity to learn to work.

Priority will be given to students who have demonstrated good character:
  • Any student who has had disciplinary problems at school or delinquency problems in the community will be closely scrutinized and normally will not be given a scholarship until they have a sustained good record.
  • Testimonial letters from others describing specific good deeds, acts of benevolence, example of perseverance, church youth activities, demonstrations of good character and citizenship, etc. are to be attached to the application.
  • Applicants should describe their extracurricular activities, which will be scrutinized for evidence of their character, determination, and persistence.
Application for Yoe High Seniors:
Download attachment (pdf)

Application for students presently in college:
Download Attachment (PDF)

Download Attachment (doc)

Pave The Path Application
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Call the Yoe High Counselor's Office with questions: 254-697-4178

For more information visit the Cameron ISD Scholarship Foundation website

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